Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I just don't understand how some people can go their whole lives and not see the ocean. Where I live there are beautiful beaches within walking distance. I've grown up swimming in the ocean every summer, trying to catch waves and getting way too sunburnt. It's so relaxing to just walk along, looking out at the sunset and hearing the waves. The perfect thing to do when trying to clear your head.

My dog loves the ocean too. He's getting a bit old but still loves to swim, even when the water's freezing cold. It's only Spring so it's definitely got some heating up to do before I get in there. I just have to settle with throwing the ball in for my dog, and getting a bit wet when he comes out and shakes water all over me. 

Here are a few more photos from today.

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  1. i love the beach too :) when i was little i use to go everyday... but now i moved and it isn't close at all >.<